Thursday, October 04, 2001

I love my motorcycle.

When I get out of college, this is gonna sound hickish but, I want a pickup truck, my off road bike, a street legal bike (as in a crotch rocket), my skis, have a job as a State Trooper and live in a place like Cadillac. I want to be part of the MCCCT club and live close enough to the trails so I can ride in the summer and be near "mountains" so I ski in the winter. That's it.

Dude, my motorcycle is so much fun. Once you get over the fear factor, you realize there was a lot out there you missed. Without the bone crushing, viser breaking, "awe shit" crashes, I don't think I would've had as much fun as I did last weekend. I pushed and realized, shit that wasn't that hard. Granted I did come out of it with a hurt wrist but I experienced somin so awesome and I wanta do again sooooo bad. i mean shit, I always get hurt when I jump off my bike after riding 65 miles, but this was different yo. This was cool. Fact is, even though I expected to get hurt, the pain fades but from what I can remember (helmet issue--hahaha--ooh that wasn't funny.....see?!) it was freakin smooth. Ice Ice baby chikaaa chikaaa.....

Cap--we so have to go to Weber Lake!

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