Wednesday, November 21, 2001

Ditka, Ditka

I'm sitting in front of Joey's computer screen, trying to formulate the right words to describe my slightly antagonistic, slightly flaccid, non-affable behavior last night. I'm so hackneyed and frustrated with the entire “third roommate doesn’t give a shit about us” deal. I get nauseous when her name is brought into the conversation now. I can’t live with someone who consistently mocked Bumstead and I until we told her we didn’t appreciate that (because to ridicule and belittle people is hilarious and certainly needs to be continued----sarcasm). Who we asked as politely and courteously as we could possibly ask, “We do not want Rico to spend the night anymore during the week, can you respect that?” Does she have any trepidation concerning our wishes? Guess not. Bumstead and I have unwillingly served as doormats for the last two months and I think the heel of her disrespect has finally separated our “WELCOME’s”. But in the last four days, in preparation for the big event, where she must sign a contract stating that he may never spend the night in our room again, Bumstead and I have become one powerful bitch. For example, she will sign that contract or Rico WILL BE banned from the building. There are no exceptions, no yielding, and no conceding, this WILL happen.

We debated about Capital Punishment last night as well. Which, just the focus itself, is most likely a massive contributory to my somewhat atrocious manners. I despise deliberating over something I feel so strong about because I really tend to ingest and dish out a whole lot of anger and frustration; especially when I feel like my stance is being crushed between two advocates and I’m starting to choke on their “I think we won” proclamations. Cockiness cuts real deep around the sensitive areas like CP, but I don’t blame them for doing it. They were defending a point of view that I have no interest of even acknowledging exists, and they had no idea how personal it was. It was just a topic that all of us could be involved in, whether it be CJ or not, I have to learn not to take things so personal.

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