Saturday, November 24, 2001

Jungle boogie...jungle boogie......get down say ughhh say ugghhhh...get down...get down...

CapnLoser and NopaNopa took me to a wedding this weekend. The bride was not just beautiful but super-georgous; I was in awe. Nopa sang, 'a lot', we all drank at the post party, it was a long-ass weekend, the usual fighting and crying went on the day after Thanksgiving, I forget everything, and did I mention I had a great time with da boys this weekend?! Damn, I think JoFish was right, I am schizophrenic. JoPhishy, I hate it when you make sense---what am I, like 0 and 6 million now?! Fuck fuck fuck motha motha fuck.....damn it.

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