Tuesday, December 04, 2001

CMD 131 : Welcome to Hell

Exam 1 : You Will Not Pass Whatsoever

#1. The two legal uses of documents developed in the Contract Document Phase of the Design Services Contract are:
A. ....uhh true
B. Fabrication and Erection Contract Documents
C. Contract Construction and Contract Completion Documents
D. Fabrication and Construction Contract Documents
E. It really doesn't matter what answer you put because you're wrong and if you choose this answer you will also be wrong.
*there is no possible way you can get this question right because you will be wrong. HA!

#2. Does wood burn when you ignite it?
A. yes
B. no
C. possibly
D. I don't know
* the correct answer was not listed. Why because I said, within the 94th minute of lecture in a quiet, under-my-breath tone, that it sometimes lights and sometimes doesn't. So the correct answer was: Sometimes......Ha ha! And let me tell you why-----(2 hour long explaination)---so there.

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