Tuesday, December 18, 2001


Bumstead, her wonderful sorta-but-not-really finance (we'll call him George), and I, went to visit Nopa and Capn this past weekend. We had a great time celebrating Nopa's belated birthday and it was just delightful hanging out with them for a couple days. :-) On Sunday morning, Nopa, Cap and I went to Food Dance for breakfast at 1 where interestingly enough, the girl who now on shall be refered to as Nicks (as in Stevie Nicks cause she sings "Landslide"), works there. I was surprised, to be honest I really didn't think the food would be as good as it actually was. They had these muffin pieces, whoa soooooo goood. Nicks bagged some for me so I took some home and put em in the fridge before making my mom eat some. I forgot they were in there till today and so I took them out and ate some, ohhhh so good with morning coffee.

I've never seen something so big and look so good

My dad just got a brand new 61" HD TV. Oh....my....god!! I watched WWF last night on it. Wow. The picture has contrast and color you wouldn't believe. Dude this thing is soo cool. So not like any other big screen I've ever seen. It's so awesome......and my dad hooked a DVD player up to it. I died last night and went to heaven, I swear to you, it's the coolest thing you've ever seen. Everyone must come over to my house one Monday or Thursday night to watch WWF, especially JoFishy and Bum, it'll be so sweet....Nopa bring your video system and you can kick all of our asses on it......It's a digital picture.......ahhhh I can't wait to go home and spend hours in front of it-----and hey I'm the almost oldest sibling so ha! I get the remote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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