Monday, December 24, 2001

No real sleep

We had our annual O'Connor Christmas party yesterday at our house. It was quite a splendid gathering except for the fact that I ate entirely too much food. I was assisting my mother in setting the table so I missed the first round of our delicious dinner. People just kept coming in and bringing more and more food, so as it was passed through the kitchen, my aunts and I would nibble on little pieces of everything. My brother injected Cajun seasoning into a fried turkey, which was amazing by the way, and all of us devoured it at first sight. We must have been eating for 8 hours straight.

At 9pm, after 8 hours of partying, everyone left still munching on something. I felt so sick. At about midnight, I crawled into bed after having coffee with some friends at National for an hour, and talking to Cap and Jofish on the phone. I got really sick, I mean REALLY sick. I think I finally got myself to go back into my room and pass out at 2am. I woke up 630am, 745am, 8am and then at 11am........It was god awful. I'm sitting here now, at noon, and my stomach is still in knots. Ouch.......

I went to another Christmas party at HyprHypo's the night before so that might have had something to do with last night. We got there at like 11pm, and Sobe and I were shaking because we were so nervous about going. All that's happened this year, we felt was so a reason for us to be just scared out of our minds. So we secluded ourselves to a little corner in the kitchen and sipped on a glass of wine. We polished off 4 bottles of wine, I think, by 1am. It was really nerve-racking to be there at first, because we didn't know how people would feel about us being there, but it turned out to be cool. I got to talk to someone I haven't talked to in a while, I got to resolve things with someone else, and I got to hug and wish luck on someone who's in the beginnings of hopefully an awesome relationship. All in all it was a pretty decent night. Just way too much wine. :-)

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