Monday, January 14, 2002

Something Could Be Done

Uncomfortable situations: #1 When you walk into class sit down, realize you're sitting in a squeaky chair...and it makes odd sounds for the entire class period. That's happened to me a lot. #2 When a question is asked of your class, you mumble an answer and your prof looks at you and you realized you've answered wrong....I've been in a lot of those situations too. Or when you've had delicate issues (obstaining from using the word 'drama') with someone, you see them again, you try desperately not to give an indication that things aren't cool but they are and there's no other way you can show that things are definitely cool without some sort of alterior motive. I hate that. I wish people were psychic. I'm not upset. I'm fine. See? Smiles. Wait, that doesn't work, nevermind.

Dude, RAW is on tonight. I hope Triple H is on. I never used to dig muscles but now I wouldn't mind seein em every day. ;)

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