Sunday, February 10, 2002

Time to Push

I love skiing. I dabbled in racing in high school. I flew in and out of mogules in middle school. Had the opportunity to at 12,000 feet and get lost in a national forest for 3 hours. Somewhere in the back terrain of Steamboat Springs CO, Ski Resort are two damn good pairs of sunglasses. I broke my leg on a rope tow in kindergarden. Dropped my poles once. Lost a ski while riding a chair lift once. Got a certificate for being a 'good little skier' at Boyne Mountain once. Watched my dad and little brother be lowered down from a chair with a rope at Tyronian Hills. Fumbled in the first few attempts but finally achieved a "helicopter" (spun around in the air and landed!). I run into trees sometimes but on like 80 degree angle chutes. I lost my ski this one time, and slid down one of those hills while my brother laughed at me. I found out that I can video tape someone skiing/snowboarding, backwards. I was at Alpine racing, and I lost my ski, and it flew all the way down to the bottom of the hill. That's when I found out I can ski on one leg. I do figure 8's with my brother sometimes, mostly to show off when there's a lot of people on a chairlift. I used to ski by myself a lot, now with Adio (nickname for my older bro). Tried snowboarding, it hurt. Wanted to try telemarking, not so much now. Man, I love skiing.

Oh yea, and JoFish19, I'm getting excellent reviews after the showing of my project. Thank you again.

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