Sunday, March 03, 2002

Soooooo fun.

Ah and the story for all you folks who couldn't make it out this weekend.............

FRIDAY: The day started out kinda funny. Bum and I packed and headed out the door at around 3. We stopped over at Cap and Nopa's place to pick up a birthday surprise for Cap's dad, pick up Yerty, and set our plans in stone for the next few hours. At about 4ish, we all took off towards Detroit, with the exception of Nopa who waited for his car to be ready. We got to my house around 6, talked to my parents for an hour, I changed, then we headed to Cap's uncle's house. Bum and I walked in and our jaws dropped. His uncle has such a cool place. Anyway, so after dropping our stuff off and getting ready, the four of us went out to Leo's for dinner. We caught up with Nopa back at the house around 9, then drove out to Windsor. We got to Pepper's first. I love that place. It's a two story club, with a dance floor in the center of the ground floor and a balcony surrounding it. The DJ spins anything from "You shook me all night long" to "Humpty Dance" to even "Billie Jean", it's great. We were chillin at a table next to a window when Sobe and Jellybeem show up....I was SOOO surprised! I was sooo happy they made it out! We waited for a minute for them to come in, but they waved to us that it would take them a while so we met them outside. We headed over to Ardvark's Blues Cafe, which was without a doubt, a very cool place. We ordered pitchers upon pitchers of LaBat Blue, toasted with tall shots between the 7 of us and three other guys we met, danced, made a ruckus but spent quite a bit of money so they let us stay, Jackie,Bum and Sobe were hammered, we met some cool Albion folk and overall just had a freakin blast.
We left the cafe at last call, stumbling off to the van two blocks away. We get through the tunnel and into a line for custom's. All of our ID's were out and ready before hand, so those of us in the back kinda nodded off. I guess the Custom's agent peeked inside the back of the van and noticed we were all out, so he didn't ask any questions and just let us go. We get back to the house, Bum passes out on the couch, I was starting to sober up but gettin tired in the process, Nopa whips out the guitar, Jellybeem, Sobe and Yerty we're all watching I think, and Ry was....was.....what were you doing Ry?

Saturday: We all woke up, in odd but comfortable places in the house the next morning, to the sound of Ry's parents talking in the kitchen. They brought us bagels and cream cheese!!! How cute are they?! We kinda bummed around until 3, went to National for lunch, got shitty service, talked about how we all loved OUR SOCKS IN THE MORNING (hahahha) and then we all split up around 4.

So that's my story. I'm sure there's more to it, but those stories are funnier in person. :-) Later!

P.S --Ry, you remember how you wanted my dad to hook you up with the "strong" Manhatten? Yea, he wanted to but you were driving and if he offered one to you, then he'd have to offer one to the underagers. :-) He said that he'd make you one if he stops by Kzoo sometime.

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