Sunday, April 07, 2002

The 5-7

:::::Borrowing a blog from HotLinds:::::::

6 - times Bum and I went to the hospital within the past month
39- number of people in my address book
45- the number of people in my address book before I deleted old names
4702 - the date today
2 - the hour we lost last night
7- number of beers I had last night
4 - beers friday night
2 - shots of tequila friday night
32 - days since the first strike of bad luck
20 - days of taking lots of pills
400 - (approximately) pills taken in the course of one month
2 - number of classes Bum is not happy with (to say the least)
1- class jack does NOT like at all (stupid french)
478,354 - times I said " whoa I can't believe that happened"
478,354 - times I wondered if I am who I am
1 - paper due tomorrow
3 - weeks left --including exams-- till sophomore year is over
20 - credits I have for fall semester

oh and there's more.........

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