Sunday, April 07, 2002

MSU guy--this is for real

Jduke1551: oooooh superman
fairman4msu: Hey there, what's your name?
Jduke1551: jen jackie roxanne karin lindsay
fairman4msu: Do you need to be saved?
Jduke1551: i'm on the top of a burning building!
fairman4msu: Sigh, if only my tights weren't at the dry cleaners.
Jduke1551: lol
Jduke1551: try woolite next time
fairman4msu: Besides, Clark Kent has to go to the Daily Planet pretty soon.
fairman4msu: I'll keep that in mind.
fairman4msu: So, should I call you Jen, Jackie, Roxanne, Karin, or Lindsay?
Jduke1551: what kind of superman doesn't come to the aid of 5 damsels in distress?!
Jduke1551: we'll have to call for Batman
fairman4msu: Five!? I thought you just had a freakishly long name. Let me find my backup uniform. ;-)
Jduke1551: lol
fairman4msu: Where's this burning building again?
Jduke1551: kalamazoo!
Jduke1551: hurry!
fairman4msu: Sorry, but Kalamazoo's Batman's turf. I pretty much stick to East Lansing and Metropolis. If any of you ladies need saving there...I'll more than pleased to help you out.
Jduke1551: yeah we'll make our way back there, but what should we do for now?
fairman4msu: Try kicking Lois Lane's ass. If you want to get to know Superman, you're going to have to eliminate the competition.
Jduke1551: oh, we will have no problem doing that
Jduke1551: 5 on 1 ?
Jduke1551: come on...
fairman4msu: I love five on one.

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