Wednesday, April 10, 2002

My Wonderful Corrections Professor

Scene: We're discussing drug laws. I fell alseep for five minutes and I wake up. 10 mintues later I hear this come from my professor's mouth:

Corrections Prof: "Have you seen that commercial, the one similar to the Visa commercials, like '40 Guns $400'? It's like their trying to make weed users feel bad. (Jokingly) Yea weed smokers are in theory terrorists. (Looks at the class) It's all your fault! Yoooooooooouuu druggies."

We are all reminded of the survey of our class taken a few weeks ago, that said that 90+ percent of our class has done drugs.

Corrections Prof 20 minutes later: "I'm gonna give you a little demonstration. Here's my stash box." The class chuckles. The professor continues to read an article on an odd case. "Here's 1/8th of crack---otherwise known as an '8 ball' to you partiers. He got 63 years for this." The class is wide-eyed. "Oh it's altoids, yooooouuuu druggies."

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