Monday, April 08, 2002

Sometimes I just have to stop and look around

Did I ever tell you this story? Only few know, however in the interest of my friendly, loyal readers, I must share. However, I must be rather vague so as not to incriminate myself entirely. :(

One evening, after playing tetherball , I was feeling a little rebellious. My parents were on vacation, it was the weekend, and I since had nothing planned for Saturday , my friend and I decided to be a little mischievous. Our friends had cancelled their party so we were left with time to kill and no place to go. I knew that Lucy was supposed to be watching our house/the kids for that entire weekend, so theoretically, Lucy's house was fair game, right?

We were sitting at the kitchen table, drinking Mountain Dew , snickering at the fact that Lucy has no idea that a couple hundred people are chillin in her house at that moment. As time runs out the door, along with the other hundred people after 12 am , my friend and I realize that we need to be back at house within a half hour . We get there and knowing full well that I wasn't allowed to have friends stay the night without my parents' presence, I shoved my buddy into my closet, where she stayed until Lucy was no longer a threat. We had a close call though, Lucy came in once to socialize for a few minutes but I had the situation under control.....I stood in front of the closet doors. :)

After Lucy left for work at 7am, we were in the clear. That was comparably, one of the biggest adrenaline rushes I've ever experienced. Whew, I'm finding it quite difficult to contain myself right now; I have this burst of nervous, 'Icouldhavegotteninsomuchtrouble' laughter waiting at the back of my throat. ehhh.

teehee. wait. no laughing. teehee. NO! :-)

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