Wednesday, April 03, 2002

Well.....that was a trip

I know Nopa can relate to this:

temptress8125: hi.... :-)
Jduke1551: hi
temptress8125: asl?
Jduke1551: you first
temptress8125: 23/f/ny
temptress8125: so waht are you up to jduke1551?
Jduke1551: 20/f/MI
temptress8125: you wana cyber me! im kinda in the mood if you know what i mean :-)
Jduke1551: hmmm not really into cyber
Previous message was not received by temptress8125 because of error: Error code 3 received from server.
Jduke1551: hmmm not really into cyber
temptress8125: why not? im really cute... and all alone
Jduke1551: not really into the female on female
temptress8125: whatever... check out my homepage :-) you might change ur mind
Jduke1551: sorry I'm really not into females

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