Thursday, June 26, 2003

Dexter and Joy.
Head North on Dexter.
Litter scattered on every street corner and entangled in patches of tall grass.
Old crimson brick buildings with broken second story windows in the east.
Sun faded paint chipping off store walls and accordian steel bars locked over windows on the west side.
Stay north.
Look, there's a man sifting through what used to be a planter.
180 degrees of this poor man searching for a cigarette butt with a just huff of tobacco; his red shirt and black jeans hang from his bones.
A steady stream of shattered and boarded windows, locked doors, and zombie transients.....
Stop at Dexter and Davidson.
Over there, a man resting on the stoop of a church, head in hands.
Green; stay north.
Another church but no one to grace those large iron door handles.
Pick up speed.
In the west, there's the picture of Cabot Apartments, just as it looks in the book.
Pass Chalfonte and life looks more alive.
Stop at Fenkell.
A man with an empty shopping cart walks the crosswalk and wraps around the passenger side to the gas station driveway.
He moves with his eyes on his path and his focus on this cart.
Turn left and at Livernois, turn right.
"Beepers" "Motown cellular" - a small copy shop with pinkish awnings; one of many down here.
North on Livernois.
Puritan separates the old beaten Meat & Produce store from the U of D Mercy college campus.
Stores look newer.
Take a left on Outer Drive and a right on Meyers.
Almost to the office.
Thousands of duplexes with missing shingles, crowded lawns, and trash cans, line each side of the busy street.
8 Mile and Meyers.
The socioeconomic boarderline.
The concrete gatekeeper dividing Detroit and the suburbs.

Meyers and Northend.
East then park.
Weather said it was supposed to be raining.

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