Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Ok. Annnnnnnnd Go....

Frankly, I can't say that I'm not a little scared going back up to school. This is my last year; I only have two semesters left and that's it. Soon enough I'll be saying "I can't wait til Halloween (I LOVE halloween)" then "I can't wait til Thanksgiving mmm food" then "I can't wait til Christmas; finals to be over; spring break; graduation".......and finally "oh no Western is done, on to Wayne State or Tom Cooley or DCL" I will then of course passout.

August should replay again, except it should be called August 2: Month of Delay. I could use the extra cash and the zero amount of homework. I guess I'm just nervous. I think about the last 3 years and remember all the crazy stuff we were supposed to do but didn't. I think about the crazy stuff we actually got around to. I think about all those times when I really wanted to do something cool and I stopped myself because I thought to myself "that's not gonna help me tomorrow." This year, I want to drive out to Chi Town for more day trips. I want to go out to Fort Wayne again for dinner. I want to play pranks. I want to ride my mountain bike back and forth on the KalHaven trail - the full 60 mile trip. I want to go camping up north with lots of people before it gets too cold. I haven't been to Kentucky since I stopped playing soccer. I want to get in crazy shape. I want to find a bar to hang out one night a week. And I want to do all this stuff in one mad year - not spread over three. This has got to be the "SWEEET I GOT A BRUISE ON MY ARM BUT I GOT THE COOLEST PICTURE OF ME IN KANSAS CITY AT THIS BAR WHERE THIS GUY I JUST MET HANGS OUT EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT" kinda year. Now I'm excited. YEa.

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