Thursday, August 28, 2003

So this morning I'm off to look at my last few jobs for the summer season. My feeling about it is probably better described in the following monologue by Evelyn Howard in Steel Stream 1957:

"I told you I'm afraid of it. I wish I could feel different, I really do, but the truth is I'm afraid. I don't want this to be the end! Please, don't leave, don't ever leave, this can't be the end. Oh Gene, I can't leave you like this - please, I love you, this can't be the end already."

Ok so I totally made that up but if you replace the name Gene with "college" then you get my point. Law School? Law Enforcement? Ahhhhhh - I don't want to think I'm ready for that despite the fact that I know I am. I listen to my older brother and he constantly reminds me that he'd rather be back in school then working for GM. I know I should "cherish" these times (how gay does that sound?) and I want to - but I'm ready to move on - but then again I'm not ready cause I know I'll miss it - but then again I am because I'm sick of not being able to go out and buy stuff like a new CRF230 - blahhhhhhhhhh. I want another week or so.

On another note, since I can't stay in college forever (aside from turning into will ferrel in Old School), I've looked at some apartments in Detroit that I could live in for the time I'll be at Wayne State (fingers are still crossed on that one). I don't know, if I don't end up finding a roommate, I might have to live in the ham. For all of you who are familiar with Detroit - you can feel my pain. My utmost desire, should I live downtown, is the riverfront apartment buildings right on the Detroit river - behind Cobo. I love the fact that you can wake up to Canada, the ren cen, downtown, or the ambassador bridge every morning. I should only be so lucky. Reality check - my downtown fantasy will probably not be an option but you never know I guess. Anyway I am supposed to be leaving at 9:30 so I should prolly get my move on. Laters.

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