Monday, August 18, 2003

We were close. I'm really glad I got out of the city when I did because we were really close. It was almost like the apocalypse in Detroit this past weekend. The "Power Crisis of Twenty O Three", as WWJ NewsRadio 950 quoted, caused power failures in every southeast Michigan city from downriver to Romeo and all the way out to Ann Arbor. Everyone was told to go home Thursday afternoon when the power cut out, all at the same time, there was traffic everywhere. Get home and we're trapped in the house. No water, no bathroom, no power, word from the radio tells you not to flush for fear of backing up the system, no stores open for water, no gas..... Some stations open but there were lines backed up for miles - reminiscent of 1979 (pictures/literature of course I wasn't alive yet). Then the rain came. As I headed out west on my full tank of gas, I listened to WWJ report flooding on the Southfield freeway and the Lodge - the system couldn't pump the water without the electric pumps. In New York, people were all over the place. Watching from our little generator run TV, people poured into the street because subways shut down. I could not believe HOW MANY people ride the subway - I mean there were people EVERYWHERE - walking home, sleeping in the street, it was crazy to watch. They shot this view of Ground Zero, it was mad. I'll tell yall one thing - I WILL NEVER LIVE IN NEW YORK. Bombs, airplane crashes, targets of terrorist attacks, power outages, murders ... nah I'd rather move to Utah or Canada.

Now the power is back. Crisis averted. Radio reports say that grocery stores will take months to recover from loss of business during the blackout. Gas prices will still hover around $1.70. Everyone in Detroit now will put away their generators. Water is pumping and the air is coughing out of the pipes. Floods are gone. Traffic is as usual. Monday, 8am, Detroit is again open for business.

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