Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Ok so my lungs have felt a little sore today and I've got a slight headache but I didn't really think that I had any real illness (on account of my Dad telling me over and over again that it was something I ate that caused my sudden onset of puking). Well that is until I looked up symptoms of the flu. Did you know that the flu is actually a respiratory illness? Did you know that you can contract the flu from touching something that is infected and then touching you mouth or nose? I had no idea it's a respiratory sickness. I thought it was just a throwing up/stomach thing but as I understand, you contract it though inhaling the germs and then it takes about 1-4 days to process in your system - then you get sick - then you are contagious for about 7 days after you get over it. Crazy huh? Guess you learn somethin new everyday.

Crap. Maybe I shouldn't be here right now.

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