Tuesday, January 20, 2004

I heard this horrifying rumor about two days ago that I friend that I've know for about 18 years passed away in a car accident. I woke up sick Monday morning thinking about it. I called my mother who eventually found out the rumor wasn't at all truthful.

I have his screenname and sometimes I look at his away messages and wonder if he looks at mine. Sometimes I wonder if he even remembers me. I made attempts to keep in touch with him after high school graduation but he never did respond. I mean, jesus, we were friends since we were three years old - he was my very first best friend ever. Now the most I ever see of him is when his screenname pops up on my buddylist. Now I've got my own life - my own future revealing itself before me. I have a fiance, a career path, soon to have a house, and probably a pet.....and he isn't included. People change, people grow I guess. I hope he's happy where ever he may be. ...

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