Thursday, February 12, 2004

Have you ever watched political TV? I mean like religiously watched shows like Hardball or Scarbourough Country? They are pretty decent shows; especially Hardball. However, I was watching Scarborrrough Country last night and I swear I wanted to start throwing things at the host (sorry I can't remember his name). He had Pat Boone on to comment on gay marriages. Pat Boone. Pat freaking Boone. Can someone please tell me who in the hell thought Pat Boone, one the first white muscians to gain HUGE popularity and profit for singing and exploiting songs black people originally recorded, will have a decent damn thing to say about gay marriage. Let me remind you for a moment THE MAN STOLE MUSIC FROM BLACK PEOPLE, REPACKAGED IT FOR THE WHITE PEOPLE, AND MADE MONEY OFF OF IT. Of course the man is going to be an evil anti-homosexual bastard on television. "I think it's wrong - God said this God said that - a man and a woman only". Let me ask you something, Pat Boone, what makes you think that your opinion is worth more than a gay man's/woman's opinion? What makes you so fucking holy? So you think gay marriage is wrong - other people don't, tell me why or what authority you have to say that two ADULTS can't enter into the sacrement of marriage. Try and keep religion out of it or I'll break your damn knees. YOU ARE NOT GOD. YOU DO NOT HAVE AUTHORITY TO DICTATE WHAT GOD INTENDED FOR HUMAN BEINGS.

I like how the host pointed out the differences between now and the notion of interracial marriage 30 years ago. People spoke out saying that God put different people on the earth and they were meant to stay on different continents. They were NOT meant to mix. How stupid does that sound today and how fucking coincidental it is to have the same argument today but with gay marriage. They also had a democrat from Mass. I think, and he openly admitted he was gay on the air. He was very kind to Pat BOoney while eloquently expressing his point. That was impressive. I think if I were him, I would've tore Boone man a new one right there on the air. Yea some people may be uncomfortable with gay marriage but you know what - just because I'm straight doesn't mean I have the right to say "you can't get married because you're not like me". So that's not me - so what? Ignorant people suck Pat Boone's ass.....I swear.

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