Friday, February 27, 2004

OOOOOohhhhh.. I'm tired.

I only have two more days to be 21. TWO DAYS. Geez, in two days, the craziest year of my life will begin. With graduation, buying a house, and gettin hitched - I'll be surprised if I'm not in a mental hospital before I'm 23. TWO DAYS. I can't believe it. I honestly thought I'd never graduate from high school and all this is on the way. So many people are looking forward to these big life changes. As I sit here, I kinda wish jen and I were back in the dorms, watching Smackdown and eating spagettios straight out of the can. I wish we were all sitting at the big table at the OP and singing along with Jon Jon and Jess. I wish we were dying Jon's hair and gettin drunk again. I wish we all lived next to each other...........but then I think about my wedding and my house. I think about working and one day, years from now, holding my baby girl/boy. I think about my little babies growin up and riding their little motorcycles. I laugh when I think about my little girl falling over and breakin an arm - then Paul yells out "you're just like your mother!" I think about my wedding all the time. I can't wait to see all my buddies in red dresses and black tuxedos.....or in the pews, all smiling. I'm so excited about the future but I'm so sad about leaving all these memories behind. Ah, but that's life right?

God, I love my life.

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