Sunday, February 22, 2004

so today it's not specifically my privacy ..... but the respect issue still applies. I would like nothing more in this world than to be respected as a person. To be understood, to be taken seriously, not to have my thoughts or ideas trivialized and judged as if they were worthless. I don't understand. What do I do that makes people feel the need to tell me that I suck? Or at least imply that I'm dumb? These are the feelings that me stutter sometimes; this is the stuff that makes me angry with people; these are the reactions that I usually don't forget. When someone says "tell her she can fuck herself, tell her to go play hide and go fuck herself", I'm not going to just forget that. I'm supposed to be happy and talkative around someone who thinks that low of me? Don't expect that I'm going to turn around and fake a smile without some sort of initiative - some sort of signal that that person cares about what I think. Why should I give up my time to someone who can't respect me as a person? Please.

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