Monday, March 15, 2004

Listen.....when you get REALLY defensive over a legitimate claim, it makes you look like an inconsiderate moron. Not to say that you are, you're just acting like one. For example, if someone has dropped you hints about an issue of respecting Person Q's things, don't get defensive and blame Person Q for being too "irrational". Maybe they have a point.....think about it. Just because Person Q is not like you doesn't mean you shouldn't respect Person Q's wishes. I mean, instead of defending your inconsiderate actions, why don't you acknowledge that you may have disappointed or even hurt someone else? Is it so freakin hard to accept responsibility?

UGH you don't ALWAYS do things for yourself. Sometimes you do things you may not like because it's just the right .... respectful thing to do. Some people go out of their way for you.....I would be amazed if you ever returned the favor.

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