Thursday, April 29, 2004

Did I ever mention that I like coffee? I like coffee. I used to have a cup on the way to my internship every morning - vanilla coffee with vanilla nondairy creamer. It was so good; had the taste of vanilla but zing of coffee. Now, I have my dad's OMEGA coffee. No, OMEGA is not a brand name, it describes the burst of caffeine that brews in the pot every morning. It's like a little dose of crack in every cup. I can't have more than a cup or I won't be able to sleep tonight. It's good....but very coffee beany.

(space indicates new thought)

I'm starting to like diet soda. I'm surprised but I'm growing fond of diet. I really like buying it during the day because whenever I'm done, I'll fill the bottle up with water. mmmm water.

I can't wait till I get to break in my swiss army camelbak. Everyone will be jealous on the trail....well....not my older brother cause I "copied off" him but everyone else will be jealous. Yea. I love camping and riding.

I hope next weekend will be somewhat warm. I don't want to freeze me bum off at night in my tent. That would so not be cool.

Damn. 8:20 - I gotta go to a job. My dad's getting annoyed because I haven't left yet but HELLO DAD it's 8:20 .... morning rush hour??? DUh. (hee hee.) :)

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