Tuesday, April 27, 2004

It's only Tuesday. Geez. :-)

I really need to focus on the little god given advantages I've been blessed with instead of complaining. That being said, I am so excited for this new month. This weekend I get to go to the Mac-Win wedding (which is going to be a great time), next weekend I'm hittin up the trails in Grayling, the 16th I have to attend a premarriage seminar, the 22nd I'm riding at Weber Lake with the parents, and the 29th is DEMF. I feel busy. I love it. Although I am a little disappointed because Kalamazoo doesn't really fit in there anywhere - I guess I'll have to wait till June.

I heard some time ago, that Howard Stern was going to be kicked off the radio. However, yesterday morning I found out that he's still on in Detroit. I'd really like to say that although I don't condone his behavior, I do appreciate what he's trying to do. It's rather funny though because some of the people who are arguing for the FCC regulations and the people fighting the FCC are not battling on the same battle field. The FCC is contending that Howard Stern is violating decency standards and should be removed from the air waves for repeatedly violating regulations and for, put basically, broadcasting smut. Anti-FCC folks are saying that the first amendment guarantees the right to free speech; Howard Stern is testing the limits of those regulations and containing government intervention. So I started debating with my mother - I love debating. Though, I must admit, it was a little difficult because we were both coming from different directions.

It's like the abortion argument. One side is saying that abortion is morally wrong and the other is saying that to make abortion illegal imposes regulations on the female body - regulations that do not exist equally for a male. I'd argue this but some nut will probably tell me that I'm a baby killer and miss the point of the argument........Don't get me wrong, if this argument was solely based on morals than I would agree that it's wrong - I would never do it - HOWEVER I don't believe it has anything to do with morals. Anyway I'll probably get back to this later.

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