Saturday, April 03, 2004

Last Tuesday, a friend of mine told me that she'd gotten into a car accident. She was outside Monico (sp?) Bay after a night of drunken fun and decided to drive her car home with two other friends in the back seat. That night ended up costing her 2500 dollars worth of damage to her 800 dollar car and a DUI. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I mean I know some people who have DUI's on record but I never really let it sink in. I'm scared to drink now. I had two Guiness's tonight and waited about an hour before leaving with my buddies so I was cool ... but I can't really explain how it felt to sit behind the wheel. I didn't have even the slighest buzz tonight but I feel like I want to give up drinking or something. It's almost not worth it to me. The luster is diminishing I think and it's funny because I don't really care about it. I rarely get hammered anymore so all drinking is becoming's just a drink.. It's just liquid..... It's no longer something cool or fun really. It's just fluid. Why do I need it?

Folks, you may see a new me that's not afraid of people that doesn't need a drink to feel comfortable talking to strangers.......I don't know.....maybe.

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