Thursday, April 01, 2004

Well as far as I know, I have a job this summer.....or should I say I have a career.....that I get to go home to. If any of you were over at my apartment right now, in my room, you'd see that I am so smiling about that . I'm also looking at my desk, covered in papers, going "ree ree ree" and making a stabbing gesture with my hand....but that's a WHOLE 'nuther story. I'm going home. I'm going back to Detroit and never coming back to live in this AWFUL awful, money grubbing, jail over-filling, life sucking, waste of a perfectly good piece of western michigan, town....and going to a bigger city. Yes, where concrete covers as far as the eye can see, where people drive 55 in a 25 mile an hour zones, where 10 miles can seem like 10 hours at 7:30am or 5pm, where buildings stand above clouds and bridges connect two countries.........yes, there isn't another place in the world that has Greek Town, Mexican Town, and Industrial Park all within a 15 mile radius.....yes...I mean DETROIT CITY - MOTOWN - HOME OF THE LIONS, TIGERS, and WINGS oh my - HOCKEY TOWN - YEA HART PLAZA and the REN CEN - THE FISHER - COBO - FORD FIELD - ROSA PARKS AVE - and, my favorite, THE LODGE FREEWAY. super.

Well, to close all this hoopla about my leaving.....I shall give all of you my tenative date of departure....April 25. Yes, 5/25/04. Ah, I'm gonna miss this place ;-).

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