Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Shhh Shhhh Shhh squish squish squish snap snap snap tap tap tap bang bang bang boom boom boom KABOOM KABOOM KAAAAAABLUUEEEEEYYYYYYY

Sure Sally what can I do for you? Ummm....yea try this. Ok thanks.

Well I told Sally to figure it this way cause this way is going to work and the other way won't.

What? Why is that wrong? What did you do before? Well why is that different for me? Why am I being told this and you automatically get that?

What the hell? I don't know shit about any of this, I'm just trying to go down the right road. What? What the hell...????

What the fuck?! What a fucking hoe - I have to do this and I'm not even processed yet? What? That's all you had to fucking do and you're done? Well what the fuck about me? I'm just a fucking naive little shit who's got it comin to me? What the f-in hell? Yea - I feel like a fucking moron - a sure fuckin fool. All I wanted was a fucking house.

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