Monday, August 30, 2004

Served with Love

This weekend was AWESOME. It started out to be kinda "hmmmm" though. Let me explain. YOu know when you go to King Wok's and you're like "oh yea, this is so great, Chinese is great, mmm sweet and sour chicken, great!" and then you go home, sit down to watch TV and then all of a sudden you get this weird look on you're face and you're roommate asks you if you feel ok and you're like "hmmmm I had a lot of chinese"?? That was us Friday night. We finally tried the chinese place down the street and it really wasn't as good as King Wok. They packed up a ton of food for us though. Who knew you could fit like three meals in those little carry out boxes? TOo bad we couldn't save any food...cold chinese, yuck...gag me with a spoon!

Saturday was a terrific day. I got to go to Karin's party and I brought home some presents afterwards. It was fun! I'll have to tell you about it's very much off the record, on the QT, and very Hush Hush. (tell me where that's from and I'll send you a quarter!)

Saturday night, Karin, Roxanne, Scott, Lindsay, Axel, Allisha, Paul, and I all went out to the Tiki Bob's in Pontiac. Scott and I got loaded, I don't think Karin and Linds were all that tipsy, and Paulie, Axel, and Allisha were just drinkin all night. I had such a good time, sometimes drinking can bring out the best in you. Karin's got proof of that in her voicemail box, compliments of yours truly.

Sunday was Fantastic. I had my first shower and it went off without a hitch. There were so many people there! I couldn't believe it! I wasn't really nervous until I got there - then I started to shake a little. It was kinda funny though, I couldn't tell if it was the hangover or the fact that a large majority of the people there, were people I didn't know. Mrs. Walters and Paul's Aunt Laurie did an amazing job putting it together. The Brabb House was absolutely gorgeous! Paulie came at the end for the opening of the gifts. I'm very happy, surprised, and flattered by the generosity of people. We had so many gifts it could barely fit in my mom's suburban, even with the seats down! It took us a half hour just to put it all in my house! It was wonderful though - I finally get to make a trip to Salvation Army and donate all the cheap old stuff I've been keeping around. Everyone was so amazing and so nice. I know less than 1% of the people there read my blog, but thank you all again anyway.

I was thinking last night though, Paul and I got a TON of stuff at this there going to be anything left for the next two????!! I'm open to suggestions - please email!

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