Monday, August 23, 2004

This weekend went well, although it started off pretty ANNOYING. Friday, I had four people working to get my 27 estimates done and ready to turn in. Yes, I wrote 27. I'd been on overdrive all week trying to get those things done but I just couldn't do them all correctly myself. Tom was scolding me, saying that I should never do that to myself because I could very possibly make a very VERY big the tune of a couple thousand bucks....per estimate. I just wanted more practice you know? I guess I thought that if I could perform overloaded and under pressure I could cruise through regular estimating work. I don't know, I did alright but not perfect.

So as soon as we finished both bids (27 combined estimates for 2 bids), I had another coworker drop off the one and I drove out to Lansing for the other. I had to leave super early though cause my car is dying and won't go over 65 anymore. BUT I made it and that was good. So while I was there I starting calling people I knew who went to school in Lansing. Well, I ended up going out with MTP who I haven't seen in almost two years and it turned out to be a really great time. I still strongly dislike Lansing but lunch was good, really good. I like that place...Harry's I think it was called. I could only eat half of the sandwich but it provided me with some comfort later on in the evening.

Which leads me to the next big event on Friday. I was about 2 blocks from my house when I get a phone call from my mom saying that I needed to go out to HOWELL to pick her car up because it was also dying. (Back Story: I decided to take a work truck home cause I didn't want to use my broken car anymore) Then my dad calls and tells me that the truck pulls my mom's horses better than any other car so I need to go out there and get her. SO I drove out to Howell at 5pm, mind you, in traffic hell, to trade one working truck for another broken one. Then, I'm complaining to my dad right, so then he tells me I need to drive all the way back to his house and pick up his truck. So I ended up getting home at like 8:30ish with my dad's truck. I get to work at 7:15 every morning so I was friggin exhausted.

I wake up at about 9:30ish on Saturday and cleaned the house, including our new guest room, then went shopping up at Summit. I get home, put the new sheets and food away and then I check my messages. I couldn't turn on my phone all weekend because my wall charger is at work and my car charger is in my truck, at work. I find out I got a call from my dad at 10am that he needed the keys to the Mustang in his truck. It was 4pm in the afternoon. I started shaking. "you mean, he worked on that mustang for weeks for the dream cruise this weekend and now he can't even take it out because I have the keeys????? Oh shit he's gonna kill me"

As you can see I'm still alive but I haven't seen him yet today so that doesn't really tell ya anything.

Anyhoo- Sunday went alright. Church at 10, big breakfast, nap till a little before 3, went to Somerset to pick out some silver plated flatware, couldn't find any, went to Romeo for a visit to the in-laws, picked up an extra bed frame for the guest room, went home, put it together, grilled some burgers, watched a little Super Troopers, and went to bed. It was good. Now I have a guest room for anyone who wants to come into town to party for the weekend or somin.

Well, I better go, I scheduled a boring day for myself after the craziness of last week. I better get to it. Snoogans.

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