Monday, October 04, 2004

So normally Paul and I seldom leave our house (besides going to work everyday). I don't know why really, we just like to stay home I guess. Anyway, so when we do decide to leave the house for more than five minutes, we go nuts. Saturday night was the perfect example.

Saturday night:

8pm - Lindz and Scott show up and we head downtown.
9:30pm - 75 was closed at 8 mile and the lodge was closed at 94. Woodward was a slow ride.
10pm - found a parking spot right in front of Comerica Park. We walk over to the box office to buy tickets for the last Tigers game of the season and they're closed. DAMN! Eh, let's go eat.
10:15pm - Eating at Elmore's Bar & Grill. Two pints of Guiness and a Swiss Mushroom Burger. mmmmmmm.
11pm - Arrive at the Old Shillelagh but it's WAY busy and we wouldn't be able to get upstairs.
11:15 - Arrive at The Well for a pint of guiness. Place smells like, honestly, old urine. Make Lindz chug a LaBatt and we're out.
11:45 - Arrive at Foran's Irish Pub. Nice place, nice dj, 9 people and we made up 4. Drink a pint of guiness and we're out.
12:30am - Arrive at the Hard Rock Detroit. Kamakasi shots all around. Take a gander at the merchandise...and....we're out.
1am - Arrive at The Detroiter. Red Head Shots all around. Great live rock/jazz band, good crowd, nice wait staff. Two or three more pints of Guiness. Enter Jeremiah, Scott's Detroit cop friend. Nice but a little distant/standoffish I think. Jackie, Paul, and Scott are now super hammered.
1:45am - Things get a little fuzy here, I think this is about the time we left although I don't really remember walking back to the car.
3am - we got home?
3:45am - "Uh, Jackie, do you realize you're sleeping on the bathroom floor?" -Paul. "Oh Whoops. I guess I better go to bed then huh?" -Jackie now slightly sober.
Several Hours later
10am - Oh damn, I feel like absolute shit. Awe...shoot me.
6am this morning - Crap. I'm still hung over.

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