Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I'm scared, I'm really scared. With the way the economy is going and Bush being in the office for four more years, I'm reallly reallly scared. I mean, if we have another year like this, I could be out of a job. And what's worse, if I lost my job, the only other option I have is to go into the academy and I do not want to go there. I'd probably be interested in moving to Canada and becoming a 'mountie'.

Terrorism. This is a subject that I don't normally tackle on this website but I'll try briefly. Too many politicians think that the US needs to focus its time, energy, and money into a war and 'homeland security' because we were attacked in 2001. Yes, it was a horrific and a great tragedy but to devote almost four years of funds to a war we can't win is ridiculous. Terrorism is everywhere, we can't overcome it. Terrorism is the person who kidnaps a child for money, terrorism is a government who rewards the wealthy and punishes the poor, terrorism is the company who offers jobs to citizens of other countries (outsourcing) and pays them a dime an hour for 80 hours a week, terrorism is invading a country on a quest to further our own agenda... We've gotten so numb to the word "terrorism" that it's been almost redefined into a word meaning "iraqi". Our ears have been filled with nonsense and no one seems to notice anymore! Terrorism=2001 and 2001=afganistan/bin laden and bin laden=bad and bad=iraq and iraq=saddam and saddam=must find must kill must blame for 2001 and other world terror. What the hell kind of logic is that people?? That's right, President "I've got a personal vendetta against Saddam for threatening my father" George dubya. Listen, terrorism is here, it was here nearly 300 years ago when white people terrorized native americans, it was here 100 years ago when white people terrorized black people, and its here today when the US terrorizes Iraqis.

You know what really makes me laugh though? Some people actually think instituting a democracy in Iraq is a good idea. In fact, some actually dare to call it "freeing Iraq". We are so damn arrogant that we think that we can stop people from fighting and live peacefully. There are Shites, Sunnis, Christians, and Mystics in Iraq and...we'll just say they don't exactly agree on everything. We are so fucking arrogant that we can get them to live peacefully. Next thing you know, we'll start thinking we can get Israelis and Pakistanis to stop a thousand years of fighting.... ;) For fucks sake, we can't even get Republicans and Democrats to agree.

We're such assholes, honestly. Sometimes I'm embarassed to call myself a citizen of the United States. I'm trying to avoid using the word 'american' by the way, I think that adaquately defines our arrogance in itself (there is more than one country on the north american continent you know). But what can I do now? I voted, I spoke up, apparently I'm one of very few people willing to critize myself and my country. I guess I'll just have to live with that right?

On a side note, to all those who voted yesterday, no matter who you voted for, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, whatever the outcome, at least you cared enough to speak up. thanks.

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