Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The Wedding Part 1

I spent Thursday and Friday morning cleaning and running errands in an all out attempt to get a whole list of things done before the rehersal Friday night. Surprisingly enough, I accomplished pretty much everything on my list and still had a few minutes to get ready for the rehersal at 6pm.

At the church, the walk thrus started out smoothly but as time quickly passed by, things began to rush rush rush. Soon enough we were out in the parking lot and off to the dinner at the Rochester Hills Brewery. We got our drink, mingled for a few minutes, and then Paul and I finally got to say something to our guests for a change. You see, for us, this moment had been building in our heads for almost 8 months - so when we stood up to speak, we could hardly contain ourselves. The flower girls and ring bearer got Disney DVD's, the readers got something from Nordstrom's, the bridesmaids were treated with diamonds, the groomsmen were given time pieces, the ushers got engraved pocket watches, and for the GRAND FINALE..........the parents found out that they are going to Boston or Savanna for a long weekend this coming summer. It was insane! Everyone seemed overjoyed which was fantastic! We really wanted to show our utmost appreciation for those who were participating in the wedding and I think we accomplished our goal.....well I hope we did. :) Oh it was great. I'm still excited about it even now. It kinda sucks that were sorta broke right now but it was totally worth it.

After the Brewery, we headed over to Main Street so we could spend time with some out of town folks. That was great and although a couple of us couldn't stay long, we still had a really good time. That was the night of the infamous basketball/fan fight!

(stop transmission - enter "to be continued")

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