Thursday, December 09, 2004

I really felt bad that I didn't go to dinner last night with Paul's brother. I wanted to but I just couldn't bring myself to leave the house. You see, it all started yesterday at about 7:10 in the morning. Doodaleeedo doodaleeedo dodaleeedo...........what? I'm trying to do a flashback for you. Anyway, I was just sittin at my desk, trying to reduce some of these paperwork stacks when my father walks into my office and demands that I stop what I'm doing and work on his stuff (this was noted in yesterday's post). So, like a good employee, I started working on my boss's requests but then B calls me and screams at me for not doing this or not doing that. Now I'm sitting at my desk and it's 8:10. My father walks in again, "did you call this person?" I try and explain that it's 10 minutes after business has officially opened and I can't talk to two companies about detailed information in 10 minutes. He's angry now I can tell. "CALL THEM" he tells me. So I call and ask if someone can meet me at the jobsite later that afternoon. A couple hours later I get another call and it's my father who decided that I needed a good ass kicking over the phone. I had to go pick up a few things then meet him down at the job. As i'm driving, the bottled up stress and anger and wild muscle spasms all start spilling out of me at the same time. I swear the people next to me on 8 Mile probably thought they were driving next to a crazy person.

After lunch, I go back to the jobsite with my father. On our way down there he says to me: "jack I talked to this person this morning and he said you ordered this." I tells 'em "yea I did. you told me we needed this now now now. B called and said we needed this now now now. And you gave me one number to call." THen he laughs, which annoys me to the point where I'm ready to shove him out of a moving car, and says "it's standard procedure to get a price and then order the work". Honestly what would you do if two people were screaming at you to get the work done then give you a number of who to call? You'd probably order the work to be done too. Anyhoo, so I finally spoke up and told him where to go with that comment. He looks at me and realizes I'm serious and then backs off. Then I start gettin into it with B's little shit comments. Of course, like always, he defends him and doesn't see my side at all. A least I feel that he's heard me though. Which is good. I think. Yea.

Today my father is a little better. Yes he did talk to me this morning but not with the same attitude as yesterday. I doubt that he did that because I bitched, I think it's just because he's in a better mood but still---I'll take it.

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