Friday, January 21, 2005

Last night went well. Although hiring a plumber is not cheap by any means, he turned out to be very nice and extremely effective. He ended up snaking about 50' of the main sewage line which fixed our draining problems not only in the basement but everywhere else in the house as well. We did find out some interesting info about the mains in our city too. I guess Pontiac and Detroit are the only cities who have the old 'house trap' mains. This means that in new construction, the main is run from the city line then straight down into the foundation but in our house, the main is run from the city line, curved up and down (this is called a 'trap') then hooks up to the line in our house. We also found out that in the old construction, cast iron pipe fittings are not very strong. So if you have deep rooted trees, the roots will find the best source of water, seep around and through the fittings, and then eventually grow and break the line. It's sucks but it was cool to know a little bit of history about plumbing.

Anyway, it's not that bad I guess. I mean, we'll have to get the line snaked every year and maybe probed to see exactly what tree it is but it's not a big deal. As long as we maintain it, I guess we're ok for now. It seriously could've been worse - thank God it wasn't.

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