Monday, March 14, 2005

Paul and I were reallllly bummed that we couldn't go visit Scott and Lindsay in Chicago..but honestly, we couldn't go on vacation knowing that we could potentially have this huge ass bill waiting in the mailbox when we got home. What bill would that be you ask? The balance of Paul's car loan. Paul got into an accident that rendered his car unsafe (to say the least) about two weeks ago and we've been struggling with the insurance company ever since. If it doesn't work out, we're stuck with a very large bill for a worthless piece of metal. So knowing that, we would've felt like complete jackasses if we were all happy and spending $$$ when we could have such a huge bill sitting at home. It was a choice we really hated to make but had to for our own sanity and financial stability.

So we thought that since we were home and pissed about not being able to go, we'd do our best to keep busy and think about what we could do instead of what we couldn't do. On Friday, Paul started replacing some more galvanized pipes to stop the leak in the storage room and quickly realized that all of the galvanized pipes desperately need to be replaced. We are currently considering it for a 2006 project. It's gross. I'll put pictures up. While he did that, I put the final coat of paint on the bathroom walls and got as far as I could hanging drywall in the laundry room.

Saturday, I finished cutting and hanging the wallboards and put a couple coats of paint on the storage room walls. Paul finished up with the plumbing in the morning and then started on installing more lights in the laundry room. By Sunday, the laundry room walls were up, mud and taped, the lights were installed and working, and the storage room had shelves. We cleaned up everything and put it away too - it was so cool. We were thinking, by next weekend, the laundry room will be primed, painted, and ready for visitors. I can not even tell you how excited that makes me. I definitely did NOT anticipate this much work when I first bought the house but I'm so happy we decided to do it. It looks so nice - everyone must come over and check it out. Finally, after like 2 months, we see results. It feels so good, I can't even explain it.....and we're only half way done!! Oh I am so excited.

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