Friday, May 06, 2005

ok, so I realize that that last post was pretty bad. I rarely ever get that upset at a customer but this guy was different. He was the type that pretends he knows something about your business. He was the guy that degrades you because you're a roofer and roofers are stupid. He was the guy that thinks you should kiss his ass for his money because without it, you'd be starving. He was also the type of guy who would refuse to pay you after you finished the job. That's the type of guy this dude was and after I walked into his office I realized it very quickly.

I was just so angry that he could berate me like that and expect that I would be willing to do business with him. I couldn't believe he was beating me up over something so small that I almost lost it. He doesn't know anything about my business and yet he's going to tell me how I should run it? I kind of shut down after that. It was like I was watching myself take a beating and because this guy doesn't know about anything; about the companies, the roofing practices, the overall price vs. quality argument, etc etc - I could win no argument. I thought, well crap "You can't argue physics to a 5 year old!" - translation: I was screwed, I just had to take it.

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