Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Day 13 - Weight loss to date : just under 7lbs. Average for the first two weeks is between 8-13 lbs. so I might be a little under average but I'll take it. It occured to me this morning that although I would love to be the exact same weight I was in high school, I'd still be happy if I was close by like 10-20 pounds. I just want to feel smaller. I want to go to the store, try on a normal pair of pants, and go "wow, I look good in these." I want to be in more photos and not feel obligated to hide my stomach or my arms or my legs. I want to look hot when I'm standing up for Kristie in my brother's wedding......well, obviously not as hot as Kristie but like Bridesmaid hot - like "whoa, you look great in that dress!" hot. I want to at least look great for the reunion this year because I know I can't compete when it comes to academic accomplishments. I mean, one girl in my class interned at the White House one can I compete with that? :)

I just want to look good, for me. That's all.

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Anonymous said...

but really, would you ever want to be Jessica Ewing??