Saturday, July 30, 2005

I am so lazy today. I played 18 holes yesterday at a golf outing sponsored by one of our suppliers and oh man, was it exhausting. I know what you're thinking, "golf? exhausting? no way", but really, it was. We started at about 10am and I left to go home a little after five. Of course, that did include a dinner but still, it was a long day. I got home at six and immediately went to bed. I was freakin tired.

I think Lindz and I are going to play 9 today too. It'll be a lazy game with no score but it'll be fun I think. I just hope I can get myself up and moving around so that I'll be ready to go this afternoon.

I'm trying to play as much as I can this year. I really want to be good. It's gonna be great when Paul starts playing again and we can really kick some ass out there. My parents, my in-laws, my siblings - hell, they could all play with us! It'll be fun!

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