Monday, July 18, 2005

This morning I got in my truck and flipped the radio station over to 97.1FM Talk expecting to hear the voice of my favorite morning guy - the same guy I've been listening to for the last 5, maybe 6 years at this point. Instead, I hear a message that sounds like this : "Viacom has decided to end the Howard Stern show early to show sponsors that there is a new hope, a new 'King of All Media'......Infinity broadcasting has chosen David Lee Roth as Howard's replacement." Ummm, are you kidding? david lee roth is mental. He's a total goof! Why would I want to get up in the morning and listen to "diamond dave" spaz out? I thought that they were considering Chris Rock for that position. Now he would've been a hell of a lot better choice.

Anyway so this morning, I'm trying desperately to listen to spazoid and howard stern calls up to the show. Howard's like "dude, I've been there for 20 years and I don't even get to say goodbye?" David Lee Roth is like "oh yea ahh! well let's take another caller! yea!" Every single caller he had wanted to know why Howard left so suddenly - it was funny. Meanwhile, David's in the background screaming "oh yea! ahhhhh!" Oh it's so awful. Now I'm seriously thinking about getting Sirus Radio.

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