Thursday, September 08, 2005

I went on Amazon yesterday morning to check on something and I ended up donating to the Relief fund. I looked it up again today and so far, there have been 97,104 payments totalling $10,577,589.40.


The Census Bureau (2000) says that there is about 485,000 residents of the New Orleans and just over 1.3 million in the metro area. That's only like $22.00 a person for just the city people or $7.95 per person for people in the total metro area.


That doesn't seem like quite enough support.

I don't have any money but I'm gonna go through all of my pants, couch cushions, piggy bank, whatever - I'll find something.


Joseph said...

Most of those people have evacuated though. There aren't 1.3 million left in the city. There's only an estimated 10,000 still there. All the refugees nee help too, but a lot of them are taken care of.

Joseph said...

BTW today, a few hours ago actually, congress passed a bill giving $52 Billion in relief to Katrina victims.

Jack said...

Joey. 485,000 people are estimated to live directly in the city and 1.3 in the metro area. the storm affected the city and metro area, no? People have been carried out by bus as refugees - having nothing but the clothes on they're back.

I didn't write that 1.3 million are left in the city. I wrote that the census bureau notes that X amount of people have homes in that part of Louisiana (which are now destroyed) and no one can get an actual count on victims.

That's great that congress is providing cash but so are local radio stations, animal rescue groups, salvation army etc. My point was 10.6 mil isn't a whole lot.


Joseph said...

I know, I know. You're right. I'm just saying that it's probably not entirely as dire as that, as some people who left the city did it with enough time to pack and go stay with their family in a safe place.

But yes, I agree with you.