Tuesday, November 14, 2006

these little yellow pills are supposed to be day time sinus medication but I'm feeling very sleepy. this concerns me a little. i hope i took the right ones. last night, paul gave me the night time ones and told me that they'll make me feel better. i think he was really giving me the pills so that he could watch boyd coddington. i can't stand that man and his holier-than-thou attitude....which is probably why everyone keeps leaving for chip foose. dah well. i should get back to my coffee.


Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like your the one with the "holier-than-thou attitude", after all, you hate someone that you have never met in person! I know, you know him from a 1 hour TV program, right. Stick to the pills and coffee, with those comments I can see why Paul gives them to you.

Jack said...

oh how you know me so well! I have no right to make a simple judgement about someone just because I watch them for an hour an TV......or read one post on a website! oh wait...derr..

We don't HAVE to necessarily meet people in person in order to decide whether or not we like them and we equally don't HAVE to like everyone we see or meet. When you see a picture of Saddam, do you think "well, since I've never met him in person, I suppose I can't really say if he's a bad guy or a good guy"?

Listen, I honestly don't like the boyd on TV. If I met him in person (which would probably never happen), yea there's a chance that I might change my mind but as of right now, I don't like him. And so what? I deserve pills and coffee because I don't like someone on TV? yikes.

Anonymous said...

I like your very first comment "oh how you know me so well!" My point exactly, I don't know you except for what I read and seen on a blog, so, what gives me the right to think I know you. Get the idea. And to compare a mass murder with a hot rodder, come on, you have been taking too many of those pills.

And by the way, I know Boyd personally and I can tell you that what you see on TV and what is real are two different things.

No, you don't deserve pills and coffee because you don't like someone on TV, you deserve them because of your ignorance.

Jack said...

wow. I can't believe that someone who feels that I shouldn't say something bad about someone I've never met in person and then in the same breath, have the audacity to make the accusation that I'm ignorant. No need to explain my friend, I get the idea.

You say you don't know me but yet, you know enough to say that I'm ignorant. I don't know Boyd personally but yet I know enough to say that I don't like him. I get it. That .... makes.... sense I guess.

Joseph said...

Hey Jack.

I see your blog has attracted one of those notorious anonymous doublespeak assclowns the internet has been plagued with. It should hurt to be that stupid.

So let me see if I can sum up these arguments.

Anonymous: You are an idiot because you judge people based on little experience with them.

Jackie: Okay, but you just did it to me.

Anonymous: I know! I sound like an idiot, right?

Jackie: Right.

Brilliant, dude. Brilliant.

Jack said...

i was taught by the best...thanks joe!