Thursday, November 09, 2006

This is gonna get worse I know it.

Ever heard of a quarter life crisis? I think I'm going through it. There's been a few people this year who've told me that I seem more like 28 than 24. I didn't think I would be at first but I'm a little put off by that now. In fact I'm honestly getting a wicked complex from it. I keep thinking that when I'm 30, people are gonna think I should be interested in joining the AARP. How the hell did this happen? How do I not act 28? What does a normal 24 year old do that makes people think that they are actually 24? I'm so confused. Maybe I should go to Vegas and blow like 10,000 big ones and then come back and when everyone's like .... "what were you thinking?!" ... I'll be like well I'm only 24 then they'll be like .. "oh, that's right, she's only 24. Dah well, you win some you lose some right?"

I just hope that when I'm 45, I don't turn into this psycho woman who's obsessed with making up for all times people thought I was older so now I'd work double time to make people think I was 10 years younger. Man, I don't want to be a bar fly at 45.

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phuckgoogle said...

I feel the same way, except that everyone thinks I'm like...20. Which you would think would be cool at 25, but it's not.