Thursday, February 15, 2007

You ever think that having millions or even billions of dollars is like having the GOD code for a video game? Think about it, if you're not so good looking - you can have surgery/stylist makeover to fix that. If you're not so good with the ladies/boys, you can hire a looove coach. If you're not so popular, you can pay to be where the famous people are hanging out. You can do anything!!

You know what I would do? I'd probably take a few months off to just travel and such but then I'd come back and probably go back to school. I think I'd want to do it right and get a business degree and maybe a mba. After that, I'd keep working at getting my business to take off and I'd start a fund for women in the service end of construction. I'd start the foundation so that it's tailored to women managing their own crews and their own business' that provide most of their labor from in-house. I would request that NAWIC recognize my smaller, more focused association as a "front lines" type recruiter. I'd have private training to get women up to speed on tools/building/codes or a 'how to' class on dealing with old school male pm's. I'd want to make it so that people don't treat me or other women like me like this -- "oh you're starting the WBE because you want to take advantage of the old minority discount bullshit" -- Dennis (he's a man's man). ....... Lastly, I would probably support most of my family and donate to a few charities along the way too. ... but that's just me :)

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