Thursday, March 08, 2007

the other day I read this article about the roof on the Louisiana Super Dome and for me, it was quite compelling. I had a few doubts about the 'truth' in the article vs. what actually happened but still, it was interesting. in fact, it was so interesting that it reminded me of how much I like to read and that I really haven't been reading anything but plans & specs over the last couple of months. Now I'm kinda glad that I asked for a gift certificate to Borders for my birthday -- I'm feeling the urge to buy a sales/marketing/cold calling/letter writing book.

Slight flashback: So my pops signed me up for this trade show committee for our industry association a little while back and about two weeks ago, we had our first meeting at the main association office. It was actually kinda cool because we were sitting in the same room that displayed both my grandfather and dad's trustee photos (amongst a few others of course). After the meeting, I browsed through the faces on the wall and asked what it takes to qualify for a photo. The office ladies told me that I had to be an owner or a principal officer of the company and then I had to be voted in to a position. My response: That's it, I will be the first female face on this wall.

So today, I'm looking for more books to help me increase my sales so that I can increase my exposure in the field so that I can become better known as a Juggernaut so that I can eventually transfer myself into a principal of this company so that I can voted into office and then I can have my face on the wall. Sound like a lot? Yea, I don't care. I want a frame.

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You are so cool!!