Tuesday, April 24, 2007

When she's outside in the sun, my little goofball always finds the shady spot to plop down and take a breather. Normally, she makes her nest under the table part of the grill but on Sunday she decided she wanted nothing to do with the deck. SOOO while she's hangin out with dad, workin on cars, she picks a small spot in the shade to chill out.

Meanwhile, I'm hosing down the bikes for the summer and give 'em a quick one two for the beginning of the season. All of the dirty water from each bike begins to trickle down the driveway and pools at the right corner of the apron in front of the garage. Paul, although working near the water flow, doesn't mind that the water is running by him because he's working off of an engine hoist that is slightly higher than the asphalt.

Ruby finally stops to take a break. Paul utters something like ".....aw....AWE Roobs!" I look up and here's what I see:


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