Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sometimes it's easier to stew in your own self-pity than it is to actually face your mistakes and have the courage to move on. Most of the time I forget that --- it's an old habit I have an extremely hard time breaking. See blog, I have this amazing talent when it comes to focusing in on my own blunders and then obsessing about them to the point where I can actually drive myself crazy.......much like yesterday and the day before but you didn't see that because you're a blog and not a real person...with eyes....and a brain........ Ummm Anyway, so I guess I'm my own worst critic and it kills me sometimes because I don't do it intentionally. Once, I had this unbelievable idea that if I could only somehow flip it and focus like that on work or on projects at home, I would be the greatest worker ever but I couldn't do it. So I'm back to being the same 'ole mistake-maken, blue-collar, Joe.

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