Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'm totally obsessed with craigslist. I love that I can find treasures that could be right around the corner from my house. Yea for knick knacks!

I miss the days that I could just pick up and go to Kzoo and Chi Town. I hate that I have to plan it. I would really see Kzoo people. I haven't seen them in extra forever.

Ok I know how dumb this is but I'm hooked on Bad Company "If you need somebody". It's my new favorite rock ballad.

My dog is strange. She never barks.....ever...unless she's standing at a window and she sees another dog walk by. She growls and almost coughs a bark out. If it's a small puff dog, she's all out. Then, right after she does it, she runs back over to me like "oh, sorry mom but I had to, he was walking on my sidewalk!"

I love beer. Beer, beer, beer.

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lindsay said...

loooove this post :)

1.) like the new design
2.) i, too, love craigslist... i'd almost rather buy new furniture off of craigslist than to buy it new from a store
3.) i hate having to plan stuff too... never enough weekends, it seems :\
4.) i still haven't met your pup yet. shame on me.
5.) beer = good indeed.