Thursday, January 17, 2008

So after pulling into my driveway, parking, and re-securing the material in the back of my truck, I skipped up the steps and stood at the back door of my house. I peered into the window and my dog was no where to be seen! Normally she does a full body wiggle as she waits to hear the key open the lock but not yesterday!

I walked around the house calling her name and I didn't hear a sound. I ran upstairs and she wasn't there either. WHAT THE HELL. I walked back to the door, checked the coat rack, and noticed that her leash was still hanging there. Paul would've taken her leash if he took her somewhere. WHERE THE HELL IS SHE??

I dialed Discount, hoping to find out info from Paul. WAIT the basement! I walked downstairs, on the celly, and over to the closed bathroom door. I open it and here comes this 85lbs. black hairball darting out of the room like a bat out of hell. AH HA!

what a dummy.

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